We’ve just returned from our annual pilgrimage to BurningMan where we gave away over 1100 Cleus to dusty pilgrims who used only word-of-mouth or the Cleu labyrinth to find their way to Cleu camp, located way out on the edge of Black Rock City. Meeting people from all over this fantastic city gave me a vision of circles connecting with circles. Intertwining circles made for magical synchronicities and spontaneous creativity every day on the empty canvas of the playa. My own Cleu reminds me daily of the power of the circle.

Want to change the world? Meet regularly in circle. Start with 2-3 people who either have a clue or are looking for one. Remember: everyone has a clue, but not everyone wants to know about it, and some people deny or reject their clue. Look for people who are open to the mystic truth of At-Onement and the miracles of Consciousness, Life, Earth, Universe. Take a look at the Cleu Book to see more about our vision as well as our human rites and spiritual practices. Get together every week. Make that your first intention. Commit to meeting together in circle as indigenous people have done for millenia. Everything else will follow.

Get to know each other in weekly circles, including study circles to deepen your awareness and broaden your practice, and celebratory circles to explore our human rites of music, art, dance, drum, song, and story. When your Cleu circle is meeting regularly, pool your resources to invest in a sacred space or the tools for celebration, like musical instruments, drums, or art supplies. Maintaining a common space reflects your common intention to share lives and to build up the infrastructure of your spiritual community. Think gardens, playgrounds, schools, and retreat centers. You may even want to go on a pilgrimage of your own, planning, preparing, and sharing resources to make it happen. Discover the power of the circle. The CLEU is here to assist you in every way possible. Be the Cleu!

Want to change the world?