Our vision is based on the awesome miracle and mystery
of Existence and a faith that, at the deepest level,
everything is perfect as it is, in this moment, and always.

We see in Existence a series of four great miracles:
the advent of our Universe in the form of pure energy;
the advent of matter, and consequently the Earth and Sun;
the advent of Life, with its myriad of forms;
and the advent of Consciousness.
We anticipate a fifth great miracle: At-Onement.

We see At-Onement as the harmonious unification
of the rational and the intuitive in the individual,
of the individual and all conscious Life,
and of all conscious Life with all Life,
the Earth, and the Universe.

We demonstrate At-Onement by
living our lives in harmony with the rhythms of the Universe,
maintaining values supportive of all Life and the Earth,
celebrating Consciousness through rites and practices,
and by inspiring others to recognize their true place
in this great mystery we call Existence.