Looking for the cleu?

Join us on the path to At-Onement.

Claim your spiritual identity.

You are the clue!

Together, we are the CLEU.

We share a vision, values, and a symbol.
We seek At-Onement.

Get a Cleu pendant! Show the world. Share its meaning with anyone looking for a clue.

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Look for people who have a clue. See if you can spot someone wearing a Cleu. Let us know!

Meet in circle. Set an intention. Share resources. Get together virtually or locally, but safely.

If you can, donate generously and regularly to the CLEU. Spread the CLEU vision, values, and symbol.

Welcome to cleu.org! Here you can find the Cleu vision, values, rites, and practices. Discover clues to claiming your spiritual identity and developing your spiritual community. Reflect on clues from the mystic traditions, humanities, science, and indigenous wisdom. Let your spirit be a blessing as you seek and realize At-Onement in your own life, your family, community, and the world.

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