The Cleu is a symbolic representation of our vision of At-Onement, and the five great miracles of Existence– the real clues to who we are.

The outer circle represents the Universe (energy), the very first manifestation and source of all Existence. The next largest circle represents the Earth (matter), the distillation of energy into elemental form, the beginning of rhythm. The small innermost circle represents Life, that peculiar rhythmic interaction of matter that self-replicates. The circle joining Life and the Universe represents Consciousness, the miraculous form of Life that “knows that it knows.”

All the circles together represent At-Onement, the harmonious unification of all the great miracles and greatest miracle of all! For examples of At-Onement, we look to the mystics– Jesus, Rumi, Buddha, Lao-Tzu, Einstein, Gandhi, Black Elk, the Dalai Lama, and others not quite so famous. When all conscious lifeforms reach their level of compassion and awareness, Existence will again be truly At-One.

That’s the Cleu!

Wear it to remind yourself and others of
where we all come from, the great miracles of
Existence, and where we’re all headed,