Our mission is to bring about a more harmonious world by assisting the growth of a spirit of oneness, the Wholly Spirit, through the understandings of science, ecumenical spirituality and religious traditions, cultural practices, human rites, the arts, and mystical paths, thus contributing to the perpetuation of human consciousness and to the advent of At-Onement, the harmonious unification of  conscious beings, life, the earth, and the universe.

  • To spread the Cleu as a symbol of our shared spiritual values and identity.
  • To promote Cleu circles to develop spiritual community, share resources, and build infrastructure.
  • To provide online inspiration, guidance, and resources for local Cleu circles and people looking to form a Cleu circle in their community.
  • To support and counsel local Cleu circles who wish to share resources for a meeting place to hold services as a nonprofit religious organization or church.