Instead of the usual experienced athlete, seven teenagers with potential lit the Olympic cauldron at the London 2012 Olympics. From the Olympic torch, they passed the flame to 204 petals representing all the nations competing in the Olympics. When the petals were raised, they formed one glorious blossom, shining as One.

We are all Olympians. Reflect on those moments when synchronicities occur, patterns or coincidences that seem like magic, except that they are part of the fabric of the universe. Envision a piece of medieval chainmail, a rippling metal fabric made of interlocking circles. When we connect, synchronicities happen. Meeting in circle and connecting with other circles provides both power and protection, making us strong, flexible, and resilient. Whether we engage in friendly competition, or cooperate to create a greater harmony, we belong together. When we can do both for the benefit of all, we excel.

The Olympics is known by its logo, 5 interlocking circles, a very effective meme for the idea of interconnectedness. The opening ceremonies inspire a multicultural, global consciousness that celebrates both cooperation and competition, the twin impulses of our evolution. The extended creativity of these ceremonies creates a powerful experience of At-Onement through our human rites of music, art, dance, drum, song, story, and circle, recognizing our universal human rights and revealing our exceptional human potential.

Isles of Wonder: London 2012