Cleu Camp

Cleu Camp ’07 – 3:45 & Landfill

Our glorious pilgrimage this year will be remembered by everyone in the creu: Cpt. leCleu (Gian), Cmdr. Mominee (Emma), Cmdr. l’Etincelle (John), Lt. Facette (Kera), Lt. Yokita (Yoko), Lt. Bleu (Bodhi), Lt. Bunnyface (Janet), Creuman Willits (Luke), and Creuman Moni (Monica). We all accepted areas of responsibility during the voyage and in the Cleu camp– that made for a pleasant journey, fantastic dinners, a clean, accessible kitchen, a lovely sitting area, and effective recycling methods that reduced our trash significantly. Although initially somewhat nervous about the designations of rank, the crew found that they did help to define our roles and assigned duties, and never got in the way of our group harmony. The Cleu Creu rocked!

Cleu Crew & Yurt

Cleu Crew putting the top on the yurt

During preparations at OutpostOne, Spark was overheard saying that this year we would be the best camp at Burning Man. At the time, it seemed like a sweet possibility– but would it really happen? Yes, yes, yes! We were all thrilled to discover that so many people from other camps found our camp so hospitable that they stayed for a while, came back for another visit, or even asked to camp with us next year. A spirit of comraderie inspired our crew with joy, laughter, and a willingness to work through any challenge including duststorms and constant requests for brainwashings. We had many visitors who were inspired to visit by a creu member who gave them a Cleu or Cleu card somewhere else on the playa. That kind of word-of-mouth outreach is the very best!

Visitors from above

Visitors getting a Cleu

Cleu brainwashings this year were amazing, inducing what appeared to be an ecstatic trance state in many of the recipients with the Cleu message, the lovely polyphonic echoes, and of course, the mysterious, playful chimes of the happy apples. The happy apples serve well as brain scramblers since you really can’t think when they are chiming all around you. The yurt was a lovely sacred space where we could brainwash up to 20 people at a time, ending with lots of beaming smiles, warm hugs, tears of joy and mystic revelation.


Brainwashing in the Yurt

The Cleu crew and some willing volunteers put up the Labyrinth during a dust storm. It quickly became an island of the spirit in the midst of activity and movement. It was exquisite, very delicate at night, playful and colorful during the day.

The Labyrinth

Labyrinth on the Playa

The Cleu is clearly a meme, a cultural symbol that many people recognize even if they haven’t directly received a Cleu. Our outreach has been very effective even though we have limited it to personal contact, word-of-mouth transmission. You can see Cleus everywhere you go on the playa, and you’ll likely run into Cleus in the default world too. Yea! This year, the Cleu lady gave a bunch of Cleus to David Best and the Temple crew, Rev. Billy, and Michael Michael aka Danger Ranger, one of the LLC founders of BM. At the Artery, Danger Girl encouraged Cleu camp to stay in touch regarding Oregon and NW regional events. The Break it Down camp, our favorite reggae band at 4:20 and Landfill, has made the Cleu a part of their outreach over the years. Our two camps may collaborate more together next year. More music? Let’s make it happen.

Thanks again to everyone who helped make the Cleu Labyrinth and Camp the best ever!

See you at “the American Dream” in ’08!

The Green Man – ’07