If you made it here, you may already have a clue. The funny thing is that people who have a clue are more likely than not to admit that they could still use a clue, and that sometimes they just feel clueless. Hey, life is all about learning! We hope this website gives you many clues.

We will be adding new posts often, in a variety of areas that reflect the values of the Conscious Life Ecumenical Union. Our intention is to provide current practical and spiritual resources, so you can define and reclaim your spiritual identity, find others who share your values, and begin the needed work of building spiritual community where you live.

Posts will be categorized so that you can find specific “Clues” according to our Cleu values. You can also search by type or genre, such as books, articles, events, or people. If you have any suggestions for resources that you think would help others in this quest, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you. To learn more about the Cleu, click on Vision. For ways you can help spread the Cleu, click on Participate! Also, do check out Blink, an evocative photography blog by Bodhi. Explore our new site and have fun!

Gian, head guide

Emma, Cleu lady

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