Looking for people with a clue? As the Cleu lady, I make it a point to find the cleu’d in people wherever I happen to be. Because I know the kinds of things that people with a clue like to do, I am a really good scout. I can get to a place I’ve never been, and within the first day of being there, I’ll know where to go to find some people who share my values. You can become a good scout too– be observant, friendly, and open to chance encounters. The first step is to find the local natural food stores.

You may need to look at several since each store may cater to a slightly different clientele, and you’ll want to find the one you feel most comfortable in. Look for stores that emphasize food rather than vitamins, have local produce, sell in bulk, and allow customers to become members of their cooperative. If you can find a store with at least two of these qualities plus a well-used bulletin board, you’re in.

Go to the bulletin board, and scan it for information about this community. Look for events celebrating human rites: music, art, dance, drum, song, story, circle. Avoid large-scale performances since it’ll be easier to connect with people on a personal level at a smaller event. Be bold, and ask an employee if they would recommend anything going on in the next few days. Copy down any information, times/places, phone numbers, and then follow through by attending an event or at least calling an organizer to find out more. Commit yourself to going to one of these events so that you can meet some people, and be sure to ask for their recommendations for other events and people in the area. If there is a farmer’s market in the area, go there and wander for a while, talking to people you meet and asking questions.

Stay open to synchronicity. Use your eyes and ears. I’ve found magical places and wonderful personal connections in strange cities just because I noticed a flyer, or asked the right person a question. Trust your instincts. I make going to the health food stores a first step in scouting because I know that people who make conscious choices about what they eat tend to be more conscious in other areas of life as well. Good luck!

“You are what you eat”….. a clue to finding community!