Here at CLEU, we like cyclic rhythms, such as daily, weekly, monthly, or annually. At this time of year, we make our annual pilgrimage to the Black Rock desert of Nevada. We all enjoy the excitement of reconnecting with family and friends as we prepare for another year of Cleu camp.

We coordinate and work together to create the infrastructure we need to sustain 12 core and 12 affiliated campers over 10 days at Burning Man. We share resources of time, energy, and money to have food, water, shelter, and shade as well as trash, grey water, and recycling for this “leave no trace” event. We also have two domes and an art installation to put up on the playa. The Cleu is You! labyrinth gives people a sacred space to walk the circles of Consciousness, Life, Earth, and the Universe. Back at camp, we’ll be offering Cleu pendants to other pilgrims who make the effort to travel across the city to its outer rim where we are located at 3:45 & Kyoto. If you want to meet LeCleu, Cleu lady, and other Cleu’d in folks, come visit! If you can’t make it to Black Rock City, and you need a Cleu, just click on Get a Cleu!

Power of Pilgrimage