The theme of Burning Man 2011 was Rites of Passage, and many people there shared stories about life passages and transitions. The Cleu crew created a beautiful liminal space for personal rites of passage in the Starman Dome where we offered our ever-popular brainwashings to all the dusty pilgrims who made their way across Black Rock City to get a Cleu.

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While giving away more than 1000 Cleu pendants, we enjoyed magical moments of synchronicity, hugs, and conversation in our shady sitting area which looked quite festive decorated with red & yellow fabrics. Eating dinner at sunset was a shared communion that bonded Cleu campers and guests.

We also built “Thru the Cleu,” the lovely 60 ft. diameter Cleu labyrinth. I loved seeing the colors of the playa swirling as I walked round the intertwining circles of the Universe, Earth, Life, and Consciousness. I saw the inspiring, arched towers of the Temple appear and disappear in a dust storm and thought about all the people who had memorialized their losses there. We are all the clue.

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Dusty pilgrims