As cultural creatives, we support remaking our energy infrastructure, investing in education, and providing healthcare for all. We even send money to our favorite charities. However, now at this time of economic crisis, we need to do even more. As Boomers or Millennials, or somewhere in between, let’s meet each other, to talk, plan, dream, and inspire. Find people who share your values and make a circle that includes both olders and youngers, then take the time to find out what you each bring to the table.

Boomers, ask how you can help, and offer resources, such as a place to meet, funding for an event, and the wisdom of experience. Millenials, just slow down and talk about things that matter, like how to save the planet and how you envision the future for your children’s children’s children. Bond with each other, enjoy human rites together, and develop your spiritual community. Discover the power of the circle!

With financial meltdown, stock crashes, and rising unemployment, the consequences of economic trainwreck are hitting close to home. We can experience this intense time as a crisis or an opportunity, a time of change and transformation. President Obama has made it clear that we need to rebuild our national infrastructure to create a more sustainable American dream. Now is the time to get involved in grassroots development, to work and play together to bring transformative community projects to life, and to serve those who are in need.