As we get into high gear preparing for our pilgrimage to Black Rock City, I’m reminded of the power of the circle to energize and focus a group of people. No matter what your spiritual tradition, take the time to sit in circle with friends, family, and others. Your intention may be to focus on a specific issue or activity, to deepen your emotional or spiritual bonds, or simply to celebrate the miracle of your shared consciousness.

As an expression of community, the circle goes back to the beginnings of consciousness. The very earliest signs of humans are often found in the remains of ancient campfires where family, tribe, and eventually, the village, gathered in physical and spiritual communion. Our ancestors met in circle to share food, make decisions, celebrate good times, lament hard times, and just simply be together.

In our modern civilized world, too many of us spend more time making a living than celebrating life together. Even the simple act of sharing food, our true communion, has become a difficulty for many. To personally experience the power of the circle, find people who share the Cleu vision and values and then hold a weekly gathering to celebrate your human rites.

Returning to the circle takes us back to our roots, where all are equal and honor their connection to each other, to the Earth, and to the Universe. When we talk in circle, we learn to listen. Whether we sit, stand, dance, or drum, we directly experience our greater selves, the community of conscious Life, when we join in circle.

To create a Cleu circle, find people who share our vision and values, then get together on a weekly or monthly basis. Focus your intention by taking the time to talk together about ways to develop your spiritual community, share resources and plan events and activities. Be sure to play together too! Bring your favorite songs and anthems to sing, have deep fun drumming and dancing, decorate your space or yourselves, and come up with your own version of the story of the Universe. Be open to the synchronicities and have fun!

Circle power

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