The CLEU is here to help you find people with a clue, so you can support your shared values and celebrate your human rites of music, art, dance, drum, song, and story. Over the last 10 years, we’ve given out over 10,000 Cleus, so it’s ever more likely that you can find a person with a Cleu near you. As a meme, the Cleu continues to spread its message: you are the clue.

Our mission is to seed Cleu circles in every community. We’d like to help you find each other. Just click on CleuViews to sign up for our newsletter with your email and zipcode.

The Conscious Life Ecumenical Union supports and promotes local Cleu circles who share time, energy, and resources to celebrate At-Onement, go on pilgrimage, and maybe even become legal churches whose members may donate up to half their income, tax-free, on behalf of their spiritual community.

We’ll be posting more links and practical resources on this site. Please let us know if you’re interested in participating in a Cleu circle where you live. Subscribe to CleuViews or click on Contact Us!.

Seeding Cleu Circles