Our annual pilgrimage to Black Rock City and Burning Man was both spiritually rejuvenating and a huge success.

Emma and friends distributed over five hundred Cleu necklaces and about fifteen hundred Cleu stickers. The response was incredible. As a result, she’s now officially known as “The Cleu Lady!”

Gian hung out at camp to greet many in search of a Cleu with music and good conversation during the day, and was “on the town” most of the night. We are all grateful for all the positive response to the Cleu and the Vision we received. Thanks to everyone’s efforts, the Cleu has since been introduced in Canada, made an appearance at the United Nations in New York, hangs out in the mountains of Japan, and is on its way to Eastern Europe and Australia.

SHOUTS OUT to our sweet neighbors on the Abyss, the hard-working, kickass DPW, the compassionate and rugged Rangers, the deeply-committed revolutionaries of First Camp, the lovely volunteers of Camp Artica and the Center Cafe, the delightful Lamplighters, the sexy DMV hotties, the dedicated dispatchers and volunteer coordinators, the tasteful Commissary cooks and cleaners, the ever-reliable postal workers and flamboyant special deliverers, the unflagging newspaper delivery people, the entertaining and informative radio broadcasters, the curious and enthusiastic denizens of the Media Annex, the brilliant, amazing jugglers of the Fire Conclave, the everlasting Earth guardians, the well-prepared First Aid teams, the kind-hearted and patient animal rescuers, the primal human Monkey chanters, the unwavering waste disposal technicians, the fearless and cheerful Burning Man office staff, the multi-tasking break-dancing dispensers of Information, the totally awesome ten-thousand theme camps, the stranger in the guise of an angel who comes to visit, and to all of you who came to the desert to build the most beautiful city in the world.

CleuCampers in 2002: Gian, Emma, Bodhi, Yoko, Sina

Floating World – ’02