What can you do to have more community in your life? Enjoy a weekend encampment with people who share your values. Go somewhere beautiful where you meet your friends dancing in the forest. A place where you can dream of a sustainable future with transformative, joyous community. Drum, sing, and laugh around the campfire. Eat delicious food from friends and family. You and the people in your circle can make it happen.

When you find people who share your values, get together in circles so you can focus on a common intention. Communion works well as a first intention, so circles often start with a potluck. As your group bonds and focuses on more intentions, you’ll discover ever more conscious ways to develop community with each other. Eventually, you may go on pilgrimage, as the CLEU does every year to Burning Man, or arrange to meet in the forest where you can camp and take a few days to participate in our shared human rites of music, art, dance, drum, song, and story.

Whether you are dancing in the forest or down the street, look for people who celebrate consciousness, life, the earth, and the universe. Take the time to be with them. These people are your spiritual family who will support you in ways that your blood family may or may not. Meeting regularly in circle gives you the opportunity to create bonds of connection with the people in your spiritual family. Circles connect us to each other, making us stronger, flexible, and more resilient.

Dancing in the Forest