Ever since Valentine’s Day, people from all over the country have been contacting us to get a Cleu. By following the clues, we finally learned that a contestant on a national TV show had worn the Cleu, won the show, and then posted more information about it on his myspace blog. We were thrilled to broaden our outreach through this fortunate connection, and are very grateful to the man who wore the Cleu and then told his friends about it.

Our new friend, the winning contestant, also encouraged people to donate, saying that such kindness would be repaid thricefold. Thank you– sounds true! We depend on donations to buy materials, develop resources, and expand our outreach. If you cannot donate money at this time, we encourage you to donate time and energy in spreading the Cleu by sending friends to our site. If you belong to an online forum like myspace.com, tribe.net, zaadz.com, etc., you can post clues here and there so that people will find us. Look for anyone who has a clue or is looking for one. Post a photo of you wearing the Cleu. Invite people to cleu.org to get a Cleu! As a meme, the Cleu has a life of its own. Be the clue!
the Cleu lady

Cleu Valentines

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