Enjoying the human rites of music, art, dance, drum, song, and story is a sure way for your group to experience At-Onement, both individually and together. You don’t have to have any “talent” to get this feeling. Human rites exist deep within our genome– they are what makes us human. Drum and dance, music and song, story and art, have expressed our joys and sorrows since the beginnings of village life. Our spirituality takes root in these indigenous practices, unifying all people through the universal language of celebration.

Here’s one way to get started: Give out invitation cards to people who have a clue, asking them to meet over lunch or dinner at a local restaurant to discuss the possibility of having a weekly or monthly potluck celebration. Reserve a big table so that everyone can see each other and talk in circle. Have a sign-up sheet available to invite anyone interested to a human rites celebration so that you can begin to experience the power of spiritual community

Go ’round the circle to hear from everyone on ideas for sharing time and resources together next week or month. Choose a common intention. Agree on the next time and place to meet to share stories, songs, music, art, drum, and dance. You might choose a theme or focus for your human rites celebration, and you’ll want to encourage each other to take responsibility for creating a flow that encourages participation. Check out the links under Call a Circle on this site for more ideas.

Celebration…. a clue to creating community!