Our own Life experience provides a limited understanding of Existence, but through the magic of written and spoken language, we can expand our personal Consciousness to include the experience of others.  By participating in this exchange of experiences and metaphors, we gain a broader perspective and per­­­sonally tribute to the cumulative knowledge of all conscious beings. We alone have the great advantage of being able to learn from the experiences of others, both past and present, to guide the choices we make in determining our own future.  As a spiritual practice, study transforms us, requiring a willingness to learn and a reflective state of mind that allows for thoughtful observation and a sense of wonder.

Study the story of the Universe and the collective knowledge of humanity, especially the findings of the global scientific community which offer a deeply metaphorical and ultimately mystical description of the rhythmic relationships we know as Existence.  Study the Earth and your environment from a scientific perspective, and with the ecological sensibility that sustained indigenous peoples in earlier times.  Illumine the path before you by studying the words, works, and lives of men and women who have experienced At-Onement, whose common mystical vision is manifest in their compassion, humility, and harmony with the Universe.  Choose teachers who awaken your inner wisdom.  Respect the difference between knowledge and faith, science and religion.  Look for paths that lead to At-Onement.  Discover the power of Consciousness.  

Read, listen, watch, and learn something new.  Whether it’s the effect of wind on a leaf, the miraculous intricacy of the genome, or the history of ancient peoples and times, study will expand your awareness, deepening your under­standing of Life while providing inspiration and guidance on your journey toward wisdom and At-Onement. Get in touch with your greater self, all conscious Life, by making study a regular practice!