Before the advent of the written word, knowledge and wisdom were passed on from generation to generation through the telling of stories.  From birth to death, we heard and told stories– about our creation, our ancestors, what it means to be human, and about our relationship to all Life, the Earth, and the Universe.  Through stories, we each became a receptacle of the collective know­ledge and wisdom of past generations. The myths and legends conveyed through stories have formed the basis of our belief systems, our history, and our culture.

  In our modern world, storytelling is no longer primarily an oral tradition, but a global telecommunications and entertainment industry.  Nonetheless, we still tell stories about our own and others’ personal lives in our family and com­munity. Stories guide us to think about our values, reflect on our beliefs, and take a more universal perspective on Life.  What stories give you insight, wisdom, or a good laugh?  Challenge your memory and imagination by telling stories from your own experience.  Learn the stories of others.  Tell each story with feeling, using gesture, intonation, and vivid imagery.  Tell stories that inspire listen­ers to play a more positive and active role in their own lives and the lives of others. When you go to the movies or a play, realize that you are witnessing the drama of Consciousness in popular story form.  Afterward, discuss the experi­ence with others, focusing on the story. To connect more deeply with story, parti­cipate in the production of a play or film, or write your own story.   

Recognize and utilize the power of story in your own Life and in your spiritual community.  Seek out and learn the stories that speak to you, whether on film, in print, or spoken.  Become a storyteller by sharing your favorite stories with family and friends at every opportunity.  Use stories in whatever form as focal points for discussions.  Ask others for their favorite stories.  Take time to listen to the stories of your ancestors from those still living.  Tell these stories to your children and at family gatherings.  Share the great story of the Universe.  Experience the power of the story to deepen your connection to all human beings– tell stories!