Singing, the rhythmic and melodic vocalization of words or sounds, remains one of the most profound personal and communal means of expression.  From the rhythmic chants of our early ancestors around the campfire, to the deeply moving words, melodies, and harmonies of the choir in the loft of a great cathed­ral, singing is one of our most precious and powerful means to move and be moved. All peoples of the Earth throughout time have expressed some of their deepest thoughts and feelings through song.

Unfortunately, many of us have become convinced that we are not singers.  While it is well known that most of us sing in private, modern pressures to meet  arbitrary commercial or “artistic” standards of singing have prevented many from experiencing the deeper joy and healing of singing in public or with others.  Set your voice free:  If you can talk, you can sing!

If you have not personally experienced the pleasures, pains, and therapeutic powers of singing to and with others, we encourage you to sing out, giving full rein to the power of song to unite us as one family, one community, and one world.  Sing!  Sing alone, with friends, with family, in the community choir, with the band, in the solitude of nature, just sing!  And encourage others to sing, no matter how they sound.  Sing out in a group Om or learn a rhythmic chant.  Look for songs that express your unique Consciousness while also offering a message that has universal appeal.  Listen to the lyrics to be sure you believe and support the words of the songs you sing.  When you find a song that moves you spiritually, learn the words and melody, and sing it with your community.

The human voice raised in song can soothe, excite, sadden, and transfix human Consciousness.  Singing is a way of sharing our thoughts and feelings about Existence.  Add your unique voice to humanity’s choir.  Sing!