Offering a portion of our lives and wealth in service to others is a central practice of all major religious traditions.  From our earliest days, saints and sages alike have reminded us that it is in giving that we receive.  It is through service that we renew and affirm our connection to our greater self which includes all conscious beings.

Back when we lived in villages, service to each other and the tribe were largely a matter of survival and a daily part of Life.  Today, the disparity of wealth between human beings has reached epic proportions.  As a result, an ever in­creasing number of us go without adequate food, fresh water, or basic shelter. Thousands of children die daily of starvation around the world.  And thousands more adults are imprisoned in cells lacking even the most basic of necessities.  Even in the most civilized and developed nations, where the resources are more than adequate to provide for all, many remain imprisoned and many more home­less without basic resources, suffering from malnutrition, addiction, and other illnesses. How many people in your own community suffer?  Find out, and then do what you can to make a difference.

Reach out, especially to youth, elders, and the less fortunate.  Ask, how can I help?  Through our own service, we lessen the suffering of others, proclaiming the unity of all conscious beings and reclaiming At-Onement.  Joy for one is joy for all.  Suffering for one is suffering for all.  Whether it’s feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, com­forting the sick, visiting the imprisoned, giving to the needy, or just offering sympathy, empathy, or a shoulder to lean on, serving others acknowledges the blessings we’ve received in our own lives and affirms our dependence on the happiness and well-being of all.

Make service to others a regular practice.  Experience the joy of serving your greater self– all conscious Life.  When we offer service and compassion to each other, we discover that Consciousness makes us One.