As a personal and communal practice, pilgrimage has a very long history.  Humans of all cultures, religions, and times have designated certain places as sacred and journeyed to them regularly to renew their connection with the divine essence of the Universe according to their particular tradition.

A pilgrimage removes us from the rhythms and demands of our normal daily lives, providing us with an opportunity to experience Life as the unique, magical, mystical, spiritual pilgrims on the Earth that we truly are.  It returns us to a holy place, a place where we experience a sense of timelessness, a feeling of awe and wonder at our own Existence, and an expanded awareness of our connection to the Universe, Earth, Life, and Consciousness.  When undertaken as a family or community, a pilgrimage also deepens and strengthens the group’s spiritual bond. 

The Earth is sacred space.  The Earth’s wilderness areas are holy places, where Energy, Matter, and Life remain At-One, relatively undisturbed by the spirit of Consciousness.  They offer the perfect setting to experience firsthand the awe-some magic and mystery of existing here and now.  Visit a wilderness or other natural area annually, alone or in a group.  Set aside at least a week, preferably two, for the entire experience.  At some point, leave your vehicle, cell phone, and other technological distractions behind.  Take time alone to meditate, walk, and just be.  With a group, commit to using a portion of your time together to celebrate Existence in spiritual communion through your human rites.  When you return, give yourself a day or more to reflect on the experience and prepare for  your re-entry into the rhythms and concerns of your normal daily Life.  

Don’t miss out on a life-altering opportunity to experience At-Onement here and now!  Make pilgrimage an important part of your spiritual Life as an individ-ual, as a family, and as a spiritual community.