From its earliest beginnings, music has served as a personal and group expres­sion of our thoughts and feelings– our Consciousness. Throughout human Life, music has played an integral role in the religious festivities, gatherings, and celebrations of all peoples.

Over the years, music has come a long way.  Not only have the number and type of instruments grown, but most recently, we’ve developed extraordinary recording techniques that have made rhythms, melodies, and harmonies from all over the world and from every culture readily available to all.  Unfortunately, relying on recordings or living vicariously through great artists has tended to turn us into spectators rather than participants.  Listening is only part of music.  To experience the deeper aspects, we must play.  To experience the power of musical communication, we must play with others.

Some believe that making music requires special skills and exceptional talent, but music truly belongs to everyone.  While it is true that some people seem especially capable when it comes to music, it is also true that anyone can learn to play an instrument given enough time.  Although most of us will probably not become virtuosos, we all can learn to play well enough to experi­­ence the deep joy and connection that music offers.

Make learning a musical instrument one of your good habits.  If you persist, you will discover that music has many levels, each a joy to experience.  Remem­ber, all good musicians started with little knowledge or ability. Don’t become dependent on written music. Learn to improvise and to play by ear.  What you see as talent is the result of many, many hours of playing.  Choose an instrument with a sound you love, or pick one that is not too difficult to learn.  The choice is yours– it only takes time.  Experience the joy and power of music.  Play!