Once you’ve acquired skills and experience in Life, and obtained a bit of wisdom, one of the first things you begin to notice is how instrumental or helpful certain people were along the way.  Whether it was a parent, grandparent, favorite aunt or uncle, teacher, or other adult, most of us have received the inspiration, guidance, or council of an elder who seemed to take a particular interest in us:  someone we trusted with our innermost thoughts and feelings; someone who cared enough to make a difference in our Life; someone who freely shared their wisdom or expertise as a mentor.

Mentoring as a regular practice honors our own mentors, cultivates wisdom in the next generation, and hastens the advent of At-Onement.  Becoming an effective mentor requires both wisdom and commitment.  Mentors recognize each student as unique and understand that each has his or her own way of approaching Life and learning.  Mentors use examples of both success and failure as tools of self discovery.  They possess and exhibit great patience, listen care­fully and observe, inspire rather than lecture, and guide instead of teach. Their primary concern is to find the most effective ways to awaken in their student a true awareness of self and a belief in one’s own potential.

Make mentoring a part of your Life. Seek out mentors, no matter how old you are, to learn from their experience and use them as a mirror to gain another perspective of yourself.  Take an interest in those less experienced than yourself, especially young adults.  Be a mentor by listening to the hopes and dreams of others, paying particular attention to their interests and the sources of their enthusiasm.  You will find that some want only knowledge of your skills, while others will be looking for emotional support or advice.  Some may even be seekers of wisdom.  Whatever they seek, offer guidance, consolation, and inspiration knowing that your spirit will live on in the memories, actions, and perspectives of those you have assisted.  Hasten At-Onement– be a mentor!