Meditation is the practice of taming the mind, quieting its endless chatter, and focusing on the immediate experience of being. Though primarily a practice of eastern religious traditions, meditation is a major part of most mystical tradi­tions and has even made an impressive appearance in secular society. The power of meditation to relieve stress and restore peace, clarity, and vitality to both mind and body is well known.

The state of mind and body achieved through meditation is available to all human beings at all times.  Athletes, musicians, performers and others describe the experience as being in “the zone,” that is,  doing what they do effortlessly, without having to think about it.  Most of us catch a glimpse when we suddenly discover that we’ve been staring at a flower or watching a child for an unknown period of time without a noticeable thought.  Emptying the mind of its clutter of thoughts and feelings allows for a deeper experience of our greater self, that is, Consciousness.  As a practice, meditation  leads to inner peace, expanded aware-ness, spontaneous rational and intuitive revelations, and more fluent action.

Those who meditate as little as twenty minutes a day, notice dramatic effects.  Some find chanting or using a traditional or unique sound mantra to create an aural focus particularly effective in reaching the meditative state.  Others prefer to focus on their own breathing, a candle, or words of wisdom.  Still others find that being guided through detailed visualizations to the sound of a drum or an­other musical instrument works best for them. Some just take a walk, or quietly focus on the night sky, a sunset, or sunrise.  Some even dance their way there.  Whatever the method, the objective is the same: to reach and lengthen the meditative state and to make it more readily accessible.  Try them all!  Discover the zone– meditate regularly!