Drumming, or conscious rhythmic percussion, is most likely one of the very first expressions of Consciousness.  At some point in the distant past, we began using common objects– sticks, stones, logs, even our bodies, anything we found interesting to the ear– to echo the rhythms of our world and to foster unity in our celebrations and rituals.  Very early on, we discovered the power of sonic rhythms to capture our attention and induce altered states of awareness.  Spiritual leaders, or shamans, used drumming to facilitate communication with the other world in a process of spiritual and physical healing.  In fact, for thousands of years, drumming was the focus of most religious festivities, healing cere­monies, and communal celebrations in almost all cultures.

Over the years, drumming has all but disappeared from many people’s every­day lives, no longer playing an important role in religion, medicine, or social gatherings. In many modern cultures, drumming is left to professionals and drum machines.  However, the recent proliferation of hand drums and the increased availability of recordings of traditional rhythms and music from around the world has contributed to a revival of drumming.  Through worldbeat music, people are rediscovering the true power of drumming to strengthen, unify, and heal themselves and their communities. Throughout the world, drum circles and workshops are providing many opportunities to learn to drum alone and with others.

You too can drum, even if you just play your own personal rhythm.  Play along with a favorite recording.  Remember, they can’t hear you.  Bring percussion instruments to musical gatherings or find drummers to play with.  When you drum, you harmonize with rhythm, the most fundamental aspect of our Existence.  When you drum or play percussion with others, you experience firsthand the healing, unifying, and celebratory power of rhythmic entrainment.  Join the rhythms of the Universe and find the One beat.  Be a drummer!