Dance is one of the oldest forms of human expression.  Along with the drum, it has been a core element of tribal and village celebrations as well as religious rites from the very beginnings of humanity.  We dance to express our feelings, most often of joy, but also of sadness, grief, and courage.  We dance to explore relationships, uplift our spirits, and express our deepest desires.  Whether we enjoy dance as art, entertainment, or enlightenment, we find the very roots of human Consciousness in the rhythmic motion of our bodies.

When we dance, we reveal our enthusiasm for Life through the physical ex­pression of our unique feelings. Sadly, many people feel embarrassed to dance in front of others, perhaps feeling that they do not meet presumed cultural stand­ards. No matter what your gender, age, or body type, it is up to you to find the dancer within yourself.  Whether you learn from many traditions, or devote yourself to one (or none), you can experience the joy and freedom of dance.  As an old proverb says:  If you can walk, you can dance.

We are all dancers. All of us! Take a break from the world of thoughts and words, and experience the sheer joy of being a body in motion.  Dance with friends, family, and anyone who will join in.  Dance alone to your favorite music. Make up your own steps, or simply improvise spontaneously to the rhythms of the music.  Move your entire body in different ways everyday.  Take time to warm up and cool down with stretching and strengthening exercises, or the meditative postures of yoga.  Check out the various group dance traditions like international folk, contra dancing, African drum and dance, belly-dancing, country line, modern dance, or any of the many others available in communities around the world.  Attend classes and workshops in different dance traditions whenever you get a chance.  Take every opportunity to make dance a part of your Life.

Dancing is a universal language of body, mind, and spirit.  In many ways, your Life is your dance.  Celebrate your body Consciousness!  Dance!