The circle, a group of people sharing a common interest or revolving about a common center, is an expression of community that goes back to the beginnings of Consciousness.  The very earliest signs of humans are often found in the remains of ancient campfires where family, tribe, and eventually, the village, gathered in physical and spiritual communion.  Our ancestors met in circle to share food, make decisions, celebrate good times, lament hard times, and just simply be together.  Indigenous people relied on the wisdom of the circle.

In our modern civilized world, things have changed.  The circle has lost much of its power as a harmonizing influence in our affairs and relationships, having been replaced by the rigid hierarchical forms of government employed first by the kingdom and then by the state.  Now, instead of sharing, we seem to favor conspicuous consumption; instead of making our own decisions, we follow orders; instead of celebrating and enjoying our lives and each other, we work too hard and spend less time just being together.  Even the simple act of sharing food, our true communion, has become a difficulty for many.

Returning to the circle takes us back to our roots, where all are equal and honor their connection to each other, to the Earth, and to the Universe.  Whether we sit, stand, dance, or drum, we directly experience our greater selves, the community of conscious Life, when we join in circle.  When we talk in circle, we learn to listen.  In circle, we find true community.

No matter what your spiritual tradition, take the time to sit in circle with friends, family, and others.  Your intention may be to focus on a specific issue or activity, to deepen your emotional and spiritual bonds, or simply to celebrate the miracle of your shared Consciousness.  The focus of any circle is the agreed upon common intention of its participants.  Mutual respect is the center of the circle of community.  Discover the power of the circle to focus your intention, accomplish your shared goals, and to strengthen and revitalize your spiritual gatherings.  Circle often!