Art is our creative imagination in action, the conscious use of our abilities to produce aesthetic objects and environments.  The very first signs of developing human Consciousness are visible in the paintings of our early ancestors found on rocks and the walls of caves.  From the vast extent of the artwork discovered since, it seems that humans the world over have taken great delight and pleasure in decorating their bodies, clothes, and surroundings.  From the very beginning, most everyone participated in rendering the stories and values of the day in pictures, decorations, and objects that awakened the imagination and reinforced our collective memory.  Art was a vital part of our communities, history, lives, ceremonies, and festivals because everyone was an artist!

Today, art still plays a major role in our lives although it has become less and less a participatory activity.  Because of its undeniable ability to capture our imagination and attention, art has become a major tool of commerce.  In fact, most of our contact with art now comes from the virtually endless stream pro­duced, duplicated, and distributed almost exclusively by commercial interests. We are led to believe that “great” art is the purview of the gifted, and that there are definite criteria for “good” and “bad” art.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Art is neither good nor bad.  Art is either appreciated or not.  Art is a human rite, a celebration of Consciousness available to all humans.

Experience the joys and the challenges of being an artist.  Decorate your Life with samples of your art and the art of family, friends, and community.  Explore the endless ways of expressing your inner feelings by trying a variety of techniques and media.  Experiment!  Be bold, and you will discover different modes of expression that inspire and motivate the artist in you.  

Revitalize yourself and your spiritual community by celebrating Conscious-ness through your art.  Free your inner artist.   Express yourself!