The Cleu Affirmation
(recite or chant, alone or in a group)

  • I am the clue!
  • I live a conscious life in harmony with the rhythms of the Universe and in wonder and awe of the great miracles of Existence.
  • I seek At-Onement in my own life and maintain values supportiveof the Earth and all Life, especially conscious Life.
  • I release my spirit upon the world knowing that everything I do changes my Life, my family, community, and the world.
  • I inspire and guide others to discover their spiritual identity with the help of my vision, values, and practices.
  • I find At-Onement in my spiritual community when we gather together to celebrate Consciousness, enjoying our human rites
    in harmony with the rhythms of Life, the Earth, and the Universe.

The Cleu Anthem
(call and response to your own melody)

Here and now,
we celebrate
defend Life,
preserve the Earth,
and live in awe and wonder
at the Universe..